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Halloween Radio Play Today

My radio play "The Tell-Tale Heart" (a, er, very creative adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's story) will be airing today at 3:30 EST on Emory & Henry radio (WEHC 90.7). What's that? You don't live within listening range of Emory, Va?! That's okay, I'm not sure I do, either. Check out WEHC 90.7's livestream option available on their web page!

"The Tell-Tale Heart" was originally recorded performed in 1997, I think, by the Don't Touch That Dial! radio ensemble, the cast of which includes one now regular-member of the Barter Theatre ensemble, a fellow by the name of Rick McVey. It's great to see Rick succeeding in his dream of and passion for acting. I've seen Rick in several Barter plays now, most recently in Blue Sky Boys, a fun adaptation of the US race to space. I hope I get to see him in The Full Monty, which the Barter is currently performing, but right now it's Theatre versus Graduate School.

In other news, this morning my husband made pumpkin pancakes and topped with caramelized pecans and a little frozen vanilla yogurt. NOM! And then he brought me a Tazo Awake latte...because I am deep in graduate school land and he's an awesome supportive husband.

ETA: Except my play got pre-empted by a politician. Oh, well. They have two of my other plays; who knows? Maybe they'll air one of those on a future Friday/Sunday. Also check out the Audio Bookworm on Mon-Thurs for readings of classic novels.


My husband, in fact, does...all the cooking in our household. I do a rare meal...emphasis on the rare. But he's going above and beyond in aiding other graduate school activities of late.

E&H radio has only recently been airing the radio plays; these plays used to be aired on an NPR station YEARS back...and have been rebroadcast on different stations around the world.

And, alas, this year, it appears my play was pre-empted by a politician (the radio station inadvertently boo-booed and had to give "fair time" to another politician). Sigh. Of course, politicians are scarier than anything I could write... :-)

April 2013

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