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My Story Live Today at Daily Science Fiction

My story "Dealing with Death" is live today at Daily Science Fiction. Well, you know, if you've signed up for DSF emails.

Otherwise, it'll be up on the website in a week. 

It was quite a lot of fun comparing at Wiscon whose story was just out and whose was coming out from DSF. I met Sam Ferree whose story "Apology" will appear tomorrow. 

You can see the upcoming story schedule from DSF on their press release section.


Congratulations! Any chance of a reminder next week? I'd like to read your story.
Thanks! Sure, I'll post a link when the story's on the website.
Thanks! You and I seem to like the stories with "death" in 'em. :-)
Yay! Congrats - that is a great market!
Thanks! It is a great market; they're doing some innovative work. I'm thrilled my story was selected to be a part of it.
I will have to wait a week--can you remind us when it's ready at the website?
Sure - I'd be happy to post a link when the story's on the website.

BTW, on a recent hike, I walked over dogwood flowers on the ground and I thought about how you'd picture it. Maybe a fairy wedding?
Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading it.

And for sure, a fairy wedding. If you looked around, you might have found a left-behind wine goblet or piece of fairy cake. And if you took a sip or a bite--well. We might not hear from you again...
That was great! Really tight without feeling rushed, just the right degree of unexpectedness.
Thanks so much for reading my story and your kind words about it!
I saw it, read it, and pasted it into my personal e-collection. :D
Cool! I'm excited to be part of the Danny Adams e-Anthology!

Did you guys hike this weekend?

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